Welcome to Home Biz Opps

You might have seen many fake home biz opps or home biz opp sites already trying to sell you an ebook or even full coaching but it has really taken you nowhere. You may also know books or methods already that have made lot of people rich but at the same time there seem to be lot of people who haven't been even slightly successful and they consider what they have been offered simply a scam. This web site is not about pushing you a product, you can still find products advertised in here but our main goal in here is to try to introduce you different mind-sets and perspectives on how to look at the whole home biz opp arena. Actually one could say that we are talking about how to live your life generally and what makes some people successful and some not.

We aren't going to bullshit you about dreaming of sky high pies and then you just magically happen to get them. You are going to see how real people have done it and are doing it every day. All the information on this site is free but you will find ads and offers that could potentially make your life easier. If they are going to make your life easier or you think they don't this is totally up to you to decide. Our information is more about how you should operate and think and not about what you should exactly push or do. If we would force people to do things in certain way then there are pretty big chances that they might not like it and if they don't like it it might conflict with "normal" human state which is that people don't like working at all.

So generally this web site is about motivation, goals and not so much about specific methods but there is some talk about how to assess different models, methods or campaigns. I'm not claiming this web site to be only one to have actual useful information but it is definitely a minority in the pool of home biz opp web sites.

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